Online English speaking practice for busy people

Begin any time of the year

Each speaking practice costs  25€ or *15€  and includes:

  • Some guidance for the self-study revision (ebook not included)
  • 15 minutes of speaking practice with me on Skype or Zoom (I record the audio)
  • Three monitored self-study listening activities (using the audio for evaluation and feedback)

*Fundraising for the animal charity

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Let’s get you speaking more English!

Here is the method I offer to help you improve your English speaking

Do this first

Contact me by email or whatsapp and I’ll send you a link for a free online level test and free sample of a self-study revision lesson (PDF) for you to complete before we meet. During your trial Skype call with me we will review the level test, use your completed revision lesson for your speaking practice and decide together which level from the ebooks is best for you. (more…)

Step 2: Buy an ebook/PDF (£5 GBP)

Buy, download and print an ebook (PDF)

Six levels with Twenty revision lessons for each level (more…)

Step 3: Self-study revision

Complete a self-study revision lesson from your ebook which prepares you for a conversation about the topic in English with me on Skype or Zoom.

Step 4: Pay for a speaking appointment

Pay for each individual speaking appointment 25€ or 15€ (more…)

Step 5: Your speaking practice

We’ll meet online using Skype or Zoom and I’ll record the audio of your speaking practice (more…)

Step 6: Listening activities

Three monitored listening activities using the audio recording of your speaking practice for further feedback and evaluation (more…)

Repeat steps 3 – 6 again and again

Similar to fitness training or learning to play a musical instrument you need to make a commitment to practise regularly (more…)

Speakathon Jr

The same method and ebooks will be used to help 13-18 year old (teenage) learners improve their English speaking.

All communication is between a parent and myself. Parents are welcome to monitor the speaking appointments at any time.

The optional online Google Plus/G+ communities are NOT for this age group. They are only for adults 18+. (more…)


English language learners need more speaking practice




Hi :) I’m Sabrina Wilson. I’ve been an English language teacher in the UK and Spain since 2006. I started meeting with English language learners online to help them with their speaking practice in 2015. I specialise in facilitating speaking practice for general English and English for childcare: helping au pairs, nannies and others who look after children to understand and use specific vocabulary and phrases correctly. (more…)

Speakathon fundraising project

The 25% affiliate commission from the sale of all ebooks from this website and the money raised from the Wednesday speaking appointments goes to  There is also a German half of the charity Hopeland International (more…)


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I’m offering free speaking appointments for level 1 of the ebooks for a few learners this summer. You need a minimum of one year of English.  The cost of the ebook is not included.