Speakathon Jr

The same method and ebooks will be used to help 13-18 year old (teenage) learners improve their English speaking.

All communication is between a parent and myself. Parents are welcome to monitor the speaking appointments at any time.

The optional online Google Plus/G+ communities are NOT for this age group. They are only for adults 18+.

Again – all communication (email, whatsapp, payments) will be between myself and a parent, not the child. A parent will need to create accounts using their own email account, not the child’s. I don’t want or need any personal identity information about the 13-18 year old learners.

A parent needs to have a Skype or Zoom account and create a Soundcloud account.

I will send reminder emails to a parent to remind their child to complete the listening activities. It’s the responsibility of the parent to make sure their child completes these.