Step 3: Self-study revision

Complete a self-study revision lesson from your ebook which prepares you for a conversation about the topic in English with me on Skype or Zoom.

What you need:

 Your printed EOT ebook

(Optional) Join one of my private Google Plus/G+ communities. One for each level.

(Optional) 13-18 year old learners can join one of my private Edmodo communities. One for each level.

The value of self study is that you decide when, where and how it fits into your schedule.

Completing the self-study revision lessons will enrich your current classroom learning or review what you’ve learnt in the past so you don’t lose this knowledge.

The revision lesson must be completed before we meet for your English speaking practice because the activities are designed to prepare you for a conversation on the topic.

The instructions in the ebook say to ask me/your speaking partner the questions BUT I reverse this and will ask you the questions because this gets you speaking more. You need to be prepared to answer these questions before we meet for our speaking appointment. I recommend you write some notes to help you prepare. Feel free to write in your language and then translate if this helps you produce more information that you can speak about.

You can use the internet, friends or family, current or past course books for help.

I will invite you to our private G+ (Google Plus) community for the level of the ebook you bought. Each private community has got 20 categories matching the revision lessons from the ebook. This is our private online library. I’ll post some helpful links, videos or extra activities for each lesson (all optional) which can help you. You are also welcome to comment and/or post helpful links which can help others. Please understand that this is a work in progress. The amount of information in this digital library will increase and possibly change while it’s being populated.

I recommend that you complete one revision lesson + speaking appointment per week because you will also have three listening activities to complete within a month of your speaking appointment. You can do more lessons per week if you prefer a more intensive revision programme. I suggest you start with once a week for a few weeks and then build up to two, but only if you have the time. It’s up to you. Your choice. That’s why I like the flexibility of this way of training. Similar to physical training, you can sprint or go at a steady pace. There might also be weeks when you’ll need to skip because of holidays, family or work commitments. No problem. But please try to listen to some of your MP3 audio files if you can’t attend a speaking appointment.