Step 6: Listening activities

Three monitored listening activities using the audio recording of your speaking practice for further feedback and evaluation

What you need:

Computer or smart device (tablet or smart phone)

Google Docs

soundcloudicon (free) account

This is the third and most time consuming part of your improvement process. This is why the speaking appointments are limited to 15 minutes. Only the first listening activity (within 24 hours) is so soon after your speaking appointment. It isn’t a demanding task and basically gives you something to focus on when you listen to your Soundcloud audio for the first time.

Google Docs: This will be our private collaborative workspace. I’ll share an individual document with you for each of your audio recordings. You’ll have edit and comment permission. You can store each doc in Google Drive. When you finish the third and final listening activity you can print the document for your own records.

  • I’ll include the link to your private audio recording which is hosted on my Soundcloud account.

  • Instructions for the three listening activities which involve evaluation, feedback and correction by both of us. It won’t be the same activity repeated three times.

#1. To be completed within 24 hours of your speaking appointment

#2. To be completed within a week of your speaking appointment

#3. To be completed within a month of your speaking appointment

Soundcloud: Soundcloud allows listeners to pause and post a written comment at that specific time in the audio recording.

  • I’ll upload the audio recording of your speaking appointment to my Soundcloud account and save it as a private audio file. I’ll add this link to the private Google document I share with you.
  • We’ll use Soundcloud to post short comments and identify strengths and weaknesses. I will monitor your comments and guide you during this process.

Soundcloud offers a free mobile phone app but if you have problems posting comments using your smart phone then I recommend using a laptop or tablet.

Please be aware that all comments on Soundcloud are public. The audio is private.